Manual Firmware Updates with nRF Toolbox App

NOTE: this procedure only works with Kinetic R1 or Control trainer models.

If normal firmware updates via the Kinetic Fit app have failed continually, it may be necessary to update your trainer's firmware using a 3rd-party app called nRF Toolbox. Please see the instructions below for a detailed explanation for the process. There are downloadable PDF files attached to this FAQ with specific instructions for iOS and Android users. Please download for your specific device.

You'll first need to download and install the nRF Toolbox app.

nRF Toolbox for iOS

nRF Toolbox for Android

This can be a complicated procedure the first couple of times you go through it, so please download the PDF instruction sheet, print it and read through it thoroughly before going beyond installing the nRF Toolbox app on your phone or other Bluetooth Smart-compatible device.

You'll also need to be sure to download the current firmware version for your trainer:

  • R1 trainers - Serial numbers ending in "-R1" - DOWNLOAD from links below
  • Control trainers - Serial numbers ending in "-C, -RMC or -RRC" - DOWNLOAD from links below

Once you've downloaded the PDF instructions and the proper firmware version for your trainer and installed the nRF Toolbox you're ready to get started.

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