My Smart 2 Trainer Won't Pair With Apps

Kinetic Smart 2 trainers pair with apps using the Bluetooth Smart communication protocol (a.k.a. Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth LE or BLE) found in nearly all mobile devices manufactured within the past 5 years, or with ANT+.

Check this article for ANT+ pairing.

Smart 2 trainer pairing issues are frequently caused by a number of different scenarios including any one or combination of these:

  • Trainer is not paired to the app, but is CONNECTED in device settings. See proper pairing procedure here.
  • Bluetooth on phone/device is turned off.
  • Fit App needs to be updated.
  • Trainer is paired to another fitness app running in the background.
  • Trainer is still paired on another device that you were using.
  • You're attempting to pair with an app that doesn't support Smart 2 trainers
  • Phone or tablet Operating System (OS) is not current. Update it!
  • Trainer is paired in device bluetooth settings (it shouldn't be. delete it from the bluetooth device list if it's paired there).
  • Or inRide power sensor has a faulty battery or battery contact connection. Check both!

Check your device settings to be sure the trainer or heart rate strap is not paired in the phone or tablet device settings: SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH, if you see your sensor listed as a paired device in settings, delete it. If the sensor is paired to another training app you will be unable to pair it to another app. BLE sensors pairs to one device ONLY. Be sure to quit out of any other apps that you may have paired with. 

INRIDE v.3 AND SMART 2 TRAINERS: follow the steps listed below to fix a Fit app pairing issue if it's not battery or Bluetooth settings.

  1. Hard quit the Fit app by double tapping the home button and upswiping the app if it's on.
  2. In your device settings, turn off Bluetooth.
  3. Power off your device.
  4. Pull battery from the inRide sensor and flip it.
  5. While your sensor battery is flipped, power up your device, turn on bluetooth again in settings, open the Fit app, and open the Sensors screen.
  6. Flip the battery back to positive side up (a magnet helps with removal) in the sensor and reinstall battery cap. If this doesn't work, try it again with a fresh battery.

Finally, if none of this works for you, send us a note at the "Submit a Request" link below and describe what happened and we'll determine the next steps.


If you're having Zwift pairing issues, have a look at this ARTICLE.

Finally, if none of this works for you, send us a note at the Submit a Request link and describe what happened along with the steps you've taken to try and troubleshoot the connection. Once we receive your support ticket, we'll determine the next steps.

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