How do I adjust the lean tension on the Kinetic R1?

If you find that your Kinetic R1 feels too active or not active enough with its side-to-side motion, you can flip over the trainer and custom tune your ride by adjusting the tension bolts. Tightening both bolts equally (clockwise) will make the ride quality stiffer. If you're trying to get your Kinetic R1 to move more lightly, just equally loosen (counterclockwise) the two tension bolts. It's easiest to access the bolts with a 19mm socket and ratchet wrench.

There isn't an exact science to this. A torque wrench can help dial things in more precisely, but equal turns with a socket wrench will get you where you want to go. We recommend trying 1/2-turn increments and testing the feel between adjustments.

NOTE: Tighten or loosen both bolts equally when adjusting.


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