New firmware version and calibration process

April 3, 2020 - Current FW version: 2.52

NOTE: calibration is necessary after updating to FW v2.52 if you have already calibrated in the previous version.

For information on the most recent firmware versions for Kinetic trainers check HERE.

Update OS and Fit app

Please be sure your device is running on the latest OS, then update the Kinetic Fit app before you begin the firmware update procedure outlined below. For Kinetic R1 trainers we are asking everyone to ride a longer warm up and then to calibrate your trainer if it's the first time you're calibrating. We recommend performing this calibration procedure only once. Do not recalibrate the trainer the next time you ride or when updating subsequent firmware versions. Calibration should only be done once every few months or when directed to do so by a Kinetic customer service rep. Same procedure for both Android and iOS users.

Install new firmware and calibrate Kinetic R1

  1. After checking device OS for updates and updating Kinetic Fit app, launch Fit app.
  2. Select SENSORS from the menu
  3. Select CHAIN LINK ICON to pair trainer, wait several seconds until power and speed icons light, then select GEAR ICON.
  4. Scroll down in SENSOR SETTINGS screen and select UPDATE FIRMWARE.
  5. Wait for firmware to update without navigating away from app. When upload is complete, you MUST unplug the trainer and plug it back in.
  6. Go back to home screen, re-pair trainer (steps 1-3) and start a FREE RIDE workout when trainer is paired with Fit app.
  7. Complete full 10-minute warmup, do NOT calibrate yet. Let the Free Ride workout begin.
  8. Enter the FREE RIDE workout after warmup and continue to ride at a brisk pace for an additional 10 minutes to warm trainer. Then select MENU. In an active workout the menu only reveals two option. Select SENSORS.
  9. Select GEAR ICON and stop pedaling.
  10. In SENSOR SETTINGS screen, select CALIBRATE and follow onscreen instructions as you normally would.
  11. Speed up to target speed or until prompted to coast in the app. Note calibration number, save and return to workout.

After a successful calibration, return to the workout and stop the workout. Calibration is complete at this point and you can begin a new workout or disconnect and hard quit the Kinetic Fit app and start a workout in a different training app. The calibration spindown number will be saved in the Kinetic R1 firmware when unplugged or going between different apps so there is no need to recalibrate the trainer in a new app.

BEFORE TRAINING WITH ZWIFT OR OTHER 3rd-PARTY APPS: After updating firmware with the Kinetic Fit app, REBOOT all devices you’ll be using to control your trainer. This will reset the app BLE cache and eliminate the possibility or interference from older cached trainer firmware versions.

If you have any questions or issues updating firmware or calibrating your trainer, please contact customer service by submitting a ticket at the link below.

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