My R1 started making noise

Loose End Cap

If you've noticed that your R1 trainer has developed a noise when riding please check that the plastic end cap covering the bolt that holds the flywheel on the trainer has not come loose. If it has, open up a small gap and apply some Gorilla Glue or similar high-strength adhesive to the underside and the inside edge of the cap in a couple of spots to ensure that it won't come loose. The cap does not need to be removed from the trainer to do this. 



Belt Break-in Period

Other potential causes for noise are belt break in. You can also expect a small amount of black dust while the R1 belt breaks in for the first 100 miles or so of riding. Belt noise also usually quiets down a bit as the belt breaks in and trainer accuracy increases in the first 5 to 10 hours of use. You should notice calibration spin down times increasing slightly as the belt wears in. This is okay and accounted for with calibration. Be sure to warm up for 10 minutes prior to calibration to warm up the trainer drive a bit.


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