How does ANT+ work with Kinetic trainers?

Getting started with ANT+

NEW Kinetic Control and Smart 2 trainers and inRide 3.0 power sensors broadcast speed and power via ANT+ allowing any ANT+ enabled bike computer to read speed and power data. In addition, Kinetic Control trainers are interactive—apps can control the trainer resistance—and by using an ANT+ FE-C enabled head unit or a computer with an ANT+ dongle you can ride simulated-resistance and ERG workouts.

Click to learn more about connecting trainers to apps using ANT+. 

NOTE: the Kinetic Fit app does NOT support ANT+. You will need to pair with the Kinetic Fit app using Bluetooth Smart on an iOS or Android device in order to calibrate and update firmware before using 3rd Party apps that support ANT+ on desktop version like TrainerRoad, Zwift, Rouvy or The Sufferfest.


ANT+ Broadcast Profiles for Kinetic Products

ANT+ FE-C (for trainer control by apps), ANT+ Speed, ANT+ Power

  • Kinetic R1
  • Rock and Roll | Control
  • Road Machine | Control

ANT+ FE-C (broadcasts profile, but doesn't control trainer), ANT+, ANT+ Power

  • Rock and Roll | Smart 2
  • Road Machine | Smart 2
  • inRide 3.0 (green sensor)


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