Before you ride: Pair your trainer and update firmware

Pairing and firmware installation 

(NOTE: all Kinetic interactive trainers require an initial firmware update. The first time iOS users pair with the trainer and update firmware, you will need to select "PAIR" when the device bluetooth pairing request comes up. This step is not shown below, but is shown in the video. The device bluetooth pairing request occurs automatically with Android devices. After the firmware is updated to the latest version, the device-pairing step will no longer be required.)

The first time you set up your trainer and pair it to the Kinetic Fit app on your iOS or Android device, you'll very likely need to update the firmware. Up-to-date firmware is critical for ensuring that your trainer works. Even if you're using Zwift or another 3rd-party cycling app you'll still need to do periodic firmware updates and calibrations within the Kinetic Fit app so it's good to know how this works now.


1. Download and install the Kinetic Fit app:
2. Open app, be sure to allow location services in app or sensors won’t work. from APP MENU, select PROFILE and create a user account and profile.


3. Plug in trainer. (For Smart 2 owners: spin wheel to wake up inRide sensor)
4. Select SENSORS from APP MENU.


5. Pair trainer by selecting CHAINLINK ICON
6. After trainer pairs, select YES to activate free trial subscription. NOTE: A green banner will appear on the top of the screen if a firmware update is available.


7. Tap green banner to update firmware and select UPDATE FIRMWARE. Keep screen active and don’t navigate away or update will fail.
8. When update is complete, Select OKAY and unplug trainer and power cycle your device. Reboot the Kinetic Fit app and plug trainer in again, pair with trainer and start training.


Alternate Firmware Update Option

You can also access the UPDATE FIRMWARE button on the SENSOR SETTINGS screen by opening the SENSORS page from the main app menu and selecting the GEAR ICON next to the paired trainer name. 

(MENU > SENSORS > GEAR ICON > scroll down sensor settings screen to find UPDATE FIRMWARE)



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