Which generation inRide sensor do I have?


2018 - Kinetic inRide 3 Power Sensor


Our latest inRide sensor is generation 3. It features a dual chip that can communicate via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. The new sensor is also green. The inRide 3 sensor comes preinstalled on Kinetic Smart 2 non-interactive fluid trainers and offers over-the-air firmware updates for future proofing.

Supported Communication Protocols:

Bluetooth FTMS, ANT Power and Speed and ANT+ FE-C.

Apps Supported:

Any app using Bluetooth FTMS or ANT+ FE-C communication protocols should allow connection with the inRide 3 sensor. Garmin cycling computers and watches will also connect. Currently Zwift does not support Bluetooth FTMS, so the only option for connecting an inRide 3 sensor with Zwift will be to use an ANT+ dongle with a computer until Zwift catches up with the other apps that already offer FTMS support, including: Kinetic FitTrainerRoad, The SufferfestKinomap and FulGaz.



Kinetic inRide 2 Watt Meter 


The inRide 2 Sensor is still available on closeout on our web site, but being phased out in favor of the increased app compatibility of the inRide 3. The 2nd generation sensor is black and came preinstalled on Kinetic Smart fluid trainers and only uses Bluetooth Smart communication protocols.

Supported Communication Protocols:

Bluetooth Smart (proprietary Kinetic code developed prior to the Bluetooth FTMS standard)

Apps Supported:

Connects with Kinetic FitZwiftTrainerRoadRouvyKinomap and FulGaz on Bluetooth-connected smart phones, tablets and laptops.



Kinetic inRide 1 Watt Meter


The inRide 1 Sensor is black and was only offered as an add-on accessory. It was discontinued when we introduced the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart and Road Machine Smart three years ago. The only way to distinguish it from an inRide 2 sensor is to detach it from the trainer with a screwdriver or scraper and check to see if "Powered By Wahoo" is stamped on the back.

Supported Communication Protocols:

Bluetooth Smart (Wahoo's BLE protocol)

Apps Supported:

We don't recommend using this generation of inRide sensor any longer as we discontinued support on the product and we no longer work with developers to support it. The sensor can connect to the Kinetic inRide app (discontinued and unavailable online). We have also heard that it will work with The Sufferfest app and the Wahoo Fitness app and possibly with TrainerRoad.

We recommend upgrading to either an inRide 2 or an inRide 3.

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