My Pro Flywheel wobbles. What can I do?

Please try the following steps to attempt to pinpoint the origin of the wobble. 

First, Identify the cross section of your pro flywheel and write it down. Save this in case you need to contact us.


  1. Follow these trainer wobble fix instructions WITHOUT the pro flywheel attached.
  2. Test the trainer at high speeds without the pro flywheel to see if you experience vibration in the unit now. Vibration at high speeds on the stock flywheel will only multiply when the pro flywheel is installed.
  3. Remove and re-install the pro flywheel to ensure that the pro flywheel is properly seated against the stock flywheel. When the pro flywheel isn't proper seated on the stock flywheel vibration is likely.
  4. If you are still experiencing vibration at high speeds with the pro flywheel, install the pro flywheel bolt without attaching the pro flywheel, spin the stock flywheel by hand, and feel if the bolt is spinning out of round. If the hole tapped into the roller shaft is not concentric with the flywheel it will inevitably cause the pro flywheel to vibrate.
  5. Try a different bike on the trainer if you can. Sometimes a hop in the wheel or some other issue can cause a wobble on the trainer.

If you've gone through the previous test steps, and you're unable to ease the wobble, please send a note from the "Submit a Request" link below with your results and pro flywheel cross section type and we'll figure out next steps.

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