Recommended Smart Control Trainer tires

We recommend using a Kinetic Trainer Tire on Smart Control trainers. Our trainer tires use a smooth tread with softer rubber that grips the roller well and reduces noise and slippage. The increased inertia from the massive flywheel on the Smart Control trainers can cause less ideal tires to slip excessively.

Tires designed for durability/puncture resistance typically use a harder rubber compound and/or an extra belt on the casing, neither of which is ideal for optimal grip on the drive roller. Most outdoor tires are multi-compound and tend to not stick as well as a single, soft compound trainer tire does. To reduce slip with any tire, clean the tire and roller with alcohol or glass cleaner and tighten the roller tension knob anywhere from 3-4 turns* from the point that the tire first contacts the drive roller. Improper roller tension or tire choice can be large contributors to calibration issues.

If you're riding a 29" mountain bike, we've had good luck running the WTB Thickslick on Smart Control trainers. Try a 29" x 2.0 for a smooth ride and great contact patch on the roller.

If you have additional questions about your setup, please include more details and an image of your setup so we can offer more specific advice for you and contact us at the "Submit a Request" link below.

*Smart Control trainers may need more roller pressure than our fluid trainers for optimal traction. Increase roller tension by 1/4 turns beyond 4 turns.

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