How to Pair with Apps (Bluetooth Smart)


Kinetic Smart Control and Smart trainers and inRide sensors pair with app using the Bluetooth Smart communication (a.k.a. Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth LE or BLE) protocol found in nearly all mobile devices manufactured within the past 5 years. Important: fitness devices like trainers and heart rate monitors pair directly with training apps and NOT within the device settings like wireless headphones or an earpiece would. Do not pair your trainer or heart rate monitor in your device settings, even if the device will let you as some Android devices have done with customers. In your phone SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH, if you see your sensor listed please delete it.



  1. Download and install the software you'd like to use. We recommend that all customers start with the Kinetic Fit app. The app offers training plans and guided workouts and you'll get a free trial subscription when you sign up and pair with your trainer for the first time. You'll also need the Fit app to calibrate your trainer before riding with other training apps like Zwift. 
  2. Open Fit app and create an account. If you're migrating over from the Kinetic inRide app (decommissioned) be sure to use the same email address for both accounts. This will migrate your workout data over to the Fit app.
  3. Configure your profile: Follow the configuration instructions here for the Fit app.
  4. Wake up your trainer or inRide sensor: Make sure that your Smart trainer or inRide sensor is active by pedaling your bike for a few turns. Be sure your Smart Control trainer is plugged in. When you plug it in you'll here a slight noise of a motor running. That's the trainer waking up and homing the stepper motor. 
  5. Pair to the Fit app: Open the Fit app and select SENSORS from the menu on the bottom left of the app screen. Your inRide sensor or Smart Control trainer should show up there. Select the CHAIN LINK ICON. It will turn green when paired. All training apps will have a similar process for pairing. Just make sure the trainer or sensor is active before trying to pair in any 3rd-party app. If there are any issues check these triage tips: inRide pairing. Smart Control Pairing. For new trainers and inRide sensors, you'll also see prompt to activate your FREE Fit app subscription when you pair with the app for the first time.
  6. NOTE: Smart Control trainer users might see a prompt to update firmware when their trainer is paired. If prompted to update, please do so. This ensures the most accuracy and best performance across apps supporting Kinetic products.
  7. You should be ready to ride at this point. CLICK HERE for additional instructions for using the Kinetic Fit app.
  8. CLICK HERE for additional instructions for getting started with Zwift.



Sometimes customers encounter issues with pairing. 90% of the time it's a dead battery in an inRide sensor or heart rate strap or it's because the sensor has been paired to Bluetooth in device settings instead of the chosen training app. Some inRide sensors and Smart trainers have been reported to arrive with dead batteries. Please check your battery first. Smart trainer owners and Smart Control owners should also check their device settings to be sure the trainer or heart rate strap is not paired in the phone or tablet device settings: SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH, if you see your sensor listed please delete it.

INRIDE AND SMART TRAINERS: follow the steps listed below to fix a Fit app pairing issue if it's not battery or Bluetooth settings.

  1. Hard quit the Fit app by double tapping the home button and upswiping the app if it's on.
  2. In your device settings, turn off Bluetooth.
  3. Power off your device.
  4. Pull battery from the inRide sensor and flip it.
  5. While your sensor battery is flipped, power up your device, turn on bluetooth again in settings, open the Fit app, and open the Sensors screen.
  6. Flip the battery back to positive side up (a magnet helps with removal) in the sensor and reinstall battery cap. If this doesn't work, try it again with a fresh battery.

Finally, if none of this works for you, send us a note and describe what happened and we'll determine the next steps.














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