Which 3rd-party sensors and trainers does the Fit app work with?

The Kinetic Fit app is designed to work with a variety of non-Kinetic products that use Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with apps and devices. Check the lists below to see if your products will work with the app, or just download and install the Fit app for free and check to see if you can connect and get readings.


HR sensors

  • Kinetic Bluetooth HR strap
  • Wahoo Tickr, Tickr X
  • Polar H7
  • Scoche Blueteooth HR sensors
  • Mio Bluetooth HR sensors
  • Sigma R1 HR sensor
  • Cateye HR12 Bluetooth heart rate sensor


Power Meters

  • Powertap G3 BLE hugs
  • Powertap P1 Pedals
  • Powertap C1 Chainrings
  • Stages BLE power meters
  • 4iiii BLE Power meter
  • Rotor/2inPower Power Meter*
  • Shimano FC R 9100P*


Speed/Cadence sensor

  • Wahoo Blue SC Speed Cadence Sensor
  • Wahoo RPM Cadence sensor
  • Powertap Bluetooth Speed/Cadence sensor
  • Scoche Bluetooth Speed Cadence Sensor


Smart Trainers

  • Wahoo Kickr
  • Wahoo Kickr Snap
  • CycleOps PowerBeam BLE
  • CyleOps PowerSync BLE
  • CyleOps Hammer
  • CycleOps Magnus

*We haven’t tested either the Rotor or the new Shimano units, but they should work. If there are any questions, please send us a contact request and we'll help out in any way we can!


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    Have found that it also syncs with Trek (Bontrager) Duotrap(1) integrated sensors (speed and cadence in one unit). 

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    I use a Cateye ISC-12 for speed and cadence with no issues.

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    How about Garmin Edge. Hardly seems Garmin is a slouch in this arena. Garmin Edge series, anyone?

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    David Simpson

    Yes, the Garmin Edge will work with Kinetic dual-band trainers and heart-rate sensors. It is missing from the list because the list above is non-Kinetic sensors, trainers and power meters that will work with the Kinetic Fit app. 

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    Thank you. I have BOTH zwift apps downloaded on my phone and the one on my PC. The heart rate is "grayed" out on my phone and won't select to "see" my HR from Garmin. Also, I cannot seem to get zwift to "see" my inride sensor on my phone or my PC when I tap "speed sensor/classic trainer". Shows wheels size and "SEARCHING..." but it doesn't find. Seems like it shouldn't be this hard. If ONLY there were a number to call I could probably get this all handled in less than 10 min, but, alas, I can find one. How do I get some support in that regard, as well?

    Thank you so much!

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    David Simpson

    Which HR sensor are you using? Be sure to connect the inRide sensor in the Zwift app as a Power source to get data, not a speed sensor.

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    Comp Rider 1992

    Will my Polar H10 heart rate monitor pair with the Kinetic Fit app and bluetooth device? 

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