Known Issues - Android

Known Bugs

  1. Chromecast is not fully functional
  2. FTP tests are not Auto populating test results
  3. FTP Test is stuck in Erg Mode (for Smart Control RU's only)
  4. Local Videos do not work
  5. Need to add directions on Firmware update to popup. Update will cancel when navigating away from app or when app times out.
  6. Gear Icon on Android Sensor listing is not functional
  7. Pause/Resume function does not work in all workouts
  8. Total Distance may not display properly
  9. Can no longer add workouts to Favorites

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    Peter Van Dyck

    The Android app quits when I try to start a workout.  I have updated, removed and reinstalled the app.  Any thoughts?


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    Scott Hyde

    App shows "An Unknown Error Occurred".  Will not log in.  Smart Control inop.

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    Karthik Phaninder

    Hi, From today morning on wards when I make an attempt to launch Kinetic Fit App on my Android phone (Android Version 7.0) It just says "Please wait while we load all your settings and workouts" and the screen stays there itself instead of launching the app. Can you please help me in resolving the issue..

    I actually tried clearing the cache and also uninstalled and reinstalled the app.





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    A Known Issues List doesn't wash if not kept up to date.

    A recent update (prior to 26/07/17) has broken Strava and Training Peaks uploads. I have submitted a support request.

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    Peter, We are aware of the upload problems, but it was a change made by Strava and Trainingpeaks that caused it, not our update. (it affects the iOS app as well) We have contacted them to confirm a fix, we will send out an update to both apps once that is done.

    We have been able to email the workouts to ourselves and then directly upload them to both sites, it seems to be an issue with the auto-upload from the app.


    thank you for your patience.

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    Hal Aljibury

    The android app crashes on start.  Uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling lets it run once.  Reading reviews shows this seems to be a general issue - would you consider reverting to an earlier (functional) version until this is resolved?

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    Trying to use a new Asus Zenpad and the connection keeps breaking.

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