How do I create custom workouts?

The workout creator is live on the web site. Sign in to your account first, then, hover over the left navigation and open "Workouts."

In order to create custom workouts, you must first have either a paid or trial SMART subscription.

You'll see a button on the top right that says "New Workout." Select that and go through the following steps:

1. Add new workout

2. Name it and add a description, select "Create Workout" in upper right corner.

3. Select "Add Interval" to begin adding intervals. Name the interval and select duration and power and cadence targets (duration is counted in total seconds). Add any on-screen instruction to appear when the interval begins in the space provided.

4. Select "Lap" if you'd like to automatically place a lap marker in front of that interval.

5. Select "Save Workout" when finished.

Workout power zones are based on the following percentages of FTP and break down as follows:

  • Zone 1 Active Recovery = < 55% of LT
  • Zone 2 Endurance = 56-75% of LT
  • Zone 3 Tempo = 76-90% of LT
  • Zone 4 Lactate Threshold = 91-105% of LT
  • Zone 5 VO2 Max = 106-120% of LT
  • Zone 6 Anaerobic Capacity = 121-150% of LT
  • Zone 7 Neuromuscular Power = maximum effort

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    Chad Gonser

    How do  you transfer custom workout to phone Kinetic app (android)

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    Andrew Davis

    this answer is way too late for Chad, but for anyone else -- just fully quit and relaunch the Kinetic app, and the new workout should appear

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