Battery Contact Check

Occasionally the side battery contact can be manipulated for improved connection and improved sensor performance. This is a good process to follow if you have a sensor that is non-responsive and cannot be activated by through normal activation procedures (pedaling the bike or spinning the flywheel by hand).

  • With a small screwdriver or pick, you can slightly bend the contact inwards towards the battery for a tighter fit (above).
  • When re-installing the battery, slide it downwards at an angle to make contact with that battery pickup first then push the opposite side flat into the battery compartment.
  • Re-install the o-ring and battery compartment cover clockwise to the fully locked position.
  • You can then test the sensor with the Fit app by tapping the sensors icon in the lower left.
  • Next activate the sensor with a magnet or by spinning the flywheel on the resistance unit. At this point, the sensor should wake up and show up on this screen.
  • Next, tap the red broken chain link icon to the right of the sensor name, this will pair the sensor and the chain icon should connect and change colors from red to green.
  • Now that you're connected to the active sensor, tap the gear icon underneath the sensor name, this will take you to a sensor settings screen.
  • If you pedal the bike, you should see speed and power data immediately if the sensor is functioning correctly. In this screen you can also rename your sensors which is helpful if you have multiple units.  Simply tap the blue inRide name on the top of the page, delete that name, and rename to your preference.   
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