Pod Reset Procedure

First, let's make sure that your sensor isn't connected to your phone directly. In your phone settings/Bluetooth, if you see your sensor listed there please delete it. Then follow the steps listed below to pair to the app directly.

1. hard quit the inRide app by double tapping the home button and upswiping the app if it's on.
2. in your device settings, turn off Bluetooth.
3. power off your device.
4. pull battery from the inRide sensor and flip it.
5. while your sensor battery is flipped, power up your device, turn on bluetooth again in settings, open the Fit app and finally flip the battery back to positive side up (a magnet helps with removal) in the sensor and reinstall battery cap. If this doesn't work, try it again with a fresh battery.

Finally, if none of this works for you, send us a note and describe what happened and we'll determine whether replacement is necessary.

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    Scott Fowle

    If you sent in your 1.0 and got a 2.0, but Kinetic sent you another 1.0 (duh!) then this procedure will not work. 

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    Joe Bell

    Why would you need to do a hard reset?

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