Kinetic Fit (iOS): Create Playlists for YouTube

Note: If you already have playlists, they'll show in Fit after pairing. You will need to sign in to YouTube with a Google account. Be sure to pair the same account in the Fit app.

  1. Open YouTube
  2. Select the icon in the upper right, sign in with your google account
    ​• if you have multiple accounts select the one you connected to the Fit app
  3. Find the first video you want to add to a playlist
  4. Click on “+” or “+ Add to”
  5. Select “Create new playlist”
  6. Enter the name you want to give your play list.
  7. You can now select more videos, each time selecting “+” or “+ Add to” then selecting the playlist you created.
  8. Add as many as you want to create your workout video playlist.
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