Kinetic Fit (iOS): Step 4 - Pairing and naming Sensors adding Pro Flywheel

After you've configured your profile you can pair sensors. Be sure you're wearing your Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap if you have one before you begin. The Sensors screen can be accessed either by selecting the Sensors icon in the bottom left corner of the home screen or by left-swiping the home screen to open the pairing bar.

On the Sensors screen the chain link icon to the right of each sensor will turn green when selected. Select the gear icon next to the chain link if you wish to rename a sensor or toggle on the Pro Flywheel.

Follow these instructions and download the sensor pairing PDF if needed.

  1. Select Sensors icon on the bottom of home screen. Pedal once to wake sensor pod.
  2. If pairing is lost in an active workout, swipe left with finger on time code bar to reveal icons.
  3. If left-swiping to access sensor icons, select either icon and you'll go to the sensor screen in step 3.
  4. Detected sensors will display. Select chain link icon to initiate pairing. Be sure you're wearing the heart rate strap if you have one.
  5. Exit screen with back arrow in upper left corner of screen when “Connected” displays under sensor. 
  6. Paired sensors will display in green on home screen.



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