Kinetic Fit (iOS): Step 2 - Create a Profile

After creating your account login, you'll be sent back to the home screen. From there you can access your profile and fill out details including power zones, heart rate zones and workout file sharing. You can also connect a single Kinetic Fit profile to share data with a single iOS Health account per device.


  1. From the home screen, select Rider icon in upper left to access profile 
  2. Add a birth date, height and weight and connect to iOS Health (link under selector wheel shown above)
  3. Swipe right to add a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) number if you know it. The app creates power zones with a 200 watt default FTP. Enter FTP number then select Calculate Zone Ceilings to populate training zones. Click to learn more about our built-in FTP test.
  4. Swipe right and add your max heart rate if you know it and select Calculate Zone Ceilings to create HR zones. Enter Max heart rate then select Calculate Zone Ceilings to populate training zones. If you don't know your max, this will get you close: 220 - (your age) = Max
  5. Swipe right again for sharing options on the Connections screen. Select chain link icon to initiate pairing and follow instructions. There are privacy options for Strava and Map My Fitness and Auto-share options for them all so that a workout is automatically shared when you're finished. Each sharing account has a slightly different log in, just follow directions on screen.


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