Kinetic Fit (iOS): Watching Video with App

In order to play video with the Kinetic Fit app, you'll first need to either have a TV monitor and Apple TV network (option 1) set up in your trainer space or a HDMI cable and device adapter (option 2).


Using the Fit app with an Apple TV and a wi-fi network (Option 1) 

You'll need to have your Apple TV connected to your TV as specified in the instructions that came with it and connected to a home wi-fi network. Sign in to that same network with your Apple device before following the steps below. Then:

  1. Select Airplay control panel by sliding screen up from the bottom and select Airplay 
  2. Select Apple TV to use and toggle on Mirroring. Select Done and close control panel
  3. Go back to Kinetic Fit app and select workout and video and begin your workout
  4. Video will play after you've completed warm up and calibration


Using the Fit app with a HDMI Adapter and cable (Option 2) 

This one is much simpler, but wired. You'll need to have your trainer set up in an area with a strong wi-fi signal. Video streaming is real-time data streaming and requires a steady signal. You'll also need an adapter for your device and a HDMI cable to the TV monitor. You'll need to determine the proper adapter based on your device. Apple devices use either a Lightning adapter for new devices or a 30-pin adapter on older devices and some iPads.


Selecting a Video in a Workout

One of the best new features of the Kinetic Fit app is the ability to play video and watch a workout at the same time on the same screen with Apple TV or a Direct HDMI cable out to a monitor. Video plays after the built-in 10-minute warmup and sensor calibration.

Adding video content to the workout is easy. Just make sure that you have the video stored on your device locally. You do this by adding it via iTunes. Click here to see how. Then follow these steps in the Kinetic Fit app to add video to any workout.

Begin with the Fit app open and sensor paired up. You can activate Apple TV pairing now too although it works to activate it later as well. No harm in just doing it right away.

  1. From home screen, select the start workout icon
  2. Select a category and a workout
  3. Select a workout and Begin
  4. On Workout Overview screen, select Video button
  5. On Video screen, select a video stored on your device and select Play button
  6. You'll go back to Workout Overview screen and select Warmup. Video to play is listed below overview

The workout will now begin and you'll complete the 10-minute warmup and calibration before the selected workout begins. We do this to ensure the best possible calibration with a warmed up resistance unit and tire. The video will begin playing after the warmup and calibration.

TIP: To avoid the silence of the warmup screen, navigate away from the Fit app once the warm up has begun and select some music from your library, navigate back to the Fit app and rock out for 10 minutes. Once calibration is done the music will automatically turn off and the video will begin!


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