Getting Started: Required Hardware Kinetic Fit (iOS)


Before you get started with the Kinetic Fit app, let's run through a checklist to be sure that you have what you need to get connected and up and running. 

1. Compatible trainers: Kinetic

If you any of these models you are ready to go. Trainers don't include a heart rate strap, get one here: T-2001 Kinetic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap.

  • T-6200 Rock and Roll | Smart Control
  • T-6100 Road Machine | Smart Control
  • T-6000 Smart Control Power Unit
  • T-2800 Rock and Roll | Smart
  • T-2700 Road Machine | Smart

2. Compatible trainers: require inRide sensor accessory add-on*

To use the trainers below, you'll need to purchase an inRide sensor accessory. We also recommend purchasing the Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap. (T-2000 sensor and strap) 

  • T-2300 & T-016 Rock and Roll
  • T-2200 & T-002i Road Machine
  • Pro Trainer (discontinued fluid model)
  • inRide accessory (pre-installed on Kinetic Smart trainers) can be added to any of the fluid trainer models listed above to start training with power today.

3. Other Compatible Smart Trainers:

  • Wahoo: Kickr and Snap
  • CycleOps: Powerbeam Pro Bluetooth Smart, PowerSync Bluetooth Smart

4. Other accessories

  • T-2001 Kinetic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap
  • most other Bluetooth Smart HR straps are also compatible



wireless set-up

  • Home wi-fi network
  • Apple TV
  • External monitor

wired set-up

  • Device-to-HDMI adapter. Check Apple web site for the proper model for your device
  • HDMI cable
  • External monitor

 Learn more about second-screen video here.


*NOTE: For inRide users, version 2.0 sensor firmware: Older inRide sensors have version 1.0 firmware. You'll need to have an updated inRide sensor with version 2.0 firmware to use the Fit app (instructions for identifying inRide version). All Kinetic Smart trainers have inRide sensors with version 2.0 firmware. 

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