Getting Started: Required Hardware Kinetic Fit (iOS)

Before you get started with the Kinetic Fit app, let's run through a checklist to be sure that you have what you need to get connected and up and running. 

1. Compatible trainers: Kinetic

If you any of these models you are ready to go. Trainers don't include a heart rate strap, get one here: T-2001 Kinetic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap.

  • NEW: T-6500 Rock and Roll | Control
  • NEW: T-6400 Road Machine | Control
  • NEW: T-6300 Control Power Unit
  • NEW: T-2810 Road Machine | Smart 2
  • NEW: T-2710 Road Machine | Smart 2
  • T-6200 Rock and Roll | Smart Control
  • T-6100 Road Machine | Smart Control
  • T-6000 Smart Control Power Unit
  • T-2800 Rock and Roll | Smart
  • T-2700 Road Machine | Smart

2. Compatible trainers: require inRide sensor accessory add-on

To use the trainers below, you'll need to purchase an inRide sensor accessory. We also recommend purchasing the Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap. (T-2000 sensor and strap) 

  • T-2300 & T-016 Rock and Roll
  • T-2200 & T-002i Road Machine
  • Pro Trainer (discontinued fluid model)
  • inRide accessory (pre-installed on Kinetic Smart and Smart 2 trainers) can be added to any of the fluid trainer models listed above to start training with power today.

3. Other Compatible Smart Trainers:

  • Wahoo: Kickr and Snap
  • CycleOps: Powerbeam Pro Bluetooth Smart, PowerSync Bluetooth Smart

4. Other accessories

  • T-2001 Kinetic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap
  • most other Bluetooth Smart HR straps are also compatible



wireless set-up

  • Home wi-fi network
  • Apple TV
  • External monitor

wired set-up

  • Device-to-HDMI adapter. Check Apple web site for the proper model for your device
  • HDMI cable
  • External monitor

 Learn more about second-screen video here.

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