Kinetic Fit (iOS): Step 1 - Create Log in, migrate history (inRide app User with Workout History)

Kinetic inRide app users can migrate their workout history into their Kinetic Fit app account very easily. When migrating workout history, keep in mind that if you have multiple rider profiles in your inRide settings, you'll only be able to migrate a single profile to a single account in Kinetic Fit. Specifically, the Kinetic Fit app does not support multiple profiles under a single login like the inRide did. You need a separate login for each of your profiles. If you have only one profile in the inRide app you can disregard this.

Note for Kinetic inRide accessory users: Be sure that you have a version 2 firmware inRide sensor. Version 1 firmware inRide sensors won't work with the Kinetic Fit app. Click here for directions on inRide firmware detection and for our free inRide sensor upgrade program. All new Kinetic Smart Trainers have version 2 firmware and are ready to roll.

Before you install the Kinetic Fit app, be sure that your inRide app is updated to the latest version. You can get it here through January 2017. 


Now, follow these instructions:

  1. If you have multiple profiles in your inRide app, you can migrate only one profile to the Kinetic Fit app at one time. Select the profile you’d like to migrate first by making it the “active” profile in the inRide app then quit out of the app.
  2. Install the Kinetic Fit app and add a new account with the "Sign Up" button.
  3. Leave the Kinetic Fit app
  4. Return to the Kinetic Fit app, a screen prompt will appear asking: “would you like to migrate your data from inRide… check this” Select YES, if this is the inRide profile workout history you are migrating to Kinetic Fit.
  5. Select NO if this is not the inRide account you wish to migrate, close app and return to step 1 and make sure you’ve activated the proper Kinetic inRide account.


If you have multiple inRide user profiles and want to add another account in the Kinetic Fit app:

  1. First, log out of your Fit account
  2. Open inRide app and make the profile you want to migrate “active,” by selecting the red chain link icon and quit inRide app.
  3. Launch Fit app and repeat from "Sign Up" in step 2 above.

NOTE: When migrating more than one user history from the inRide app over to Kinetic Fit, you will have to create unique accounts for each inRide user profile.

The data migration process from inRide to Kinetic Fit will move your workout history into your new account, but will not transfer your custom displays, user profile and sharing info or any custom workouts you may have created. Please be sure that you DO NOT DELETE your Kinetic inRide app until you're certain migration is successful. If there are any migration issues you'll want to have your workout history saved until migration is confirmed. Data migration can take several hours, beside you're on a WiFi network when migrating. Be patient.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

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