Kinetic Fit (iOS): Step 6 - Workout overview and graphing

Kinetic Fit pre-programmed workouts stop automatically when you finish (unless you're doing a Free Ride). When a workout is finished or you end it, you'll be left at the Overview screen with options for sharing, reviewing individual intervals and deleting the workout. Download a PDF file from the link below.

Review screens include the following:

1. Overall Workout
Here's where you access sharing, trash and overall line graphs from the workout. Graphs will include power, heart rate (if you're using a connected BLE strap), speed and cadence.

From the Overview screen, swipe left to access these additional graphing screens:

2. Time in power zones
This screen shows the total time spent in each of the 7 power zones. Power zones can be manually programmed or automatically programmed based on a percentage of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). You will also find information showing the Training Stress Score (TSS), Intensity Factor (IF), and Normalized Power (NP) for the workout along with duration, average wattage for the workout and Kilojoules (approximately the same as the number of calories burned). 

Swipe left again:

3. Time in heart rate zones 
Heart rate zones are based on your maximum heart rate you listed in your Kinetic Fit user profile. Heart rate zones can also be programmed manually in the user profile if preferred.

Swipe left again:

4. Mean Maximals
Mean maximal power graphs show the maximum average wattage sustained for the given time periods. Time increments are: :05 and :20 seconds and 1 minute, 5 minutes and 20 minutes.

Access sharing by selecting the arrow icon near the upper right corner.

5. Sharing
Options configured in device and Kinetic Fit user profile are available here.

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