Kinetic Fit (iOS): Step 5 - Start a Workout

Start a workout by selecting solid green rider icon on bottom right of home screen. Workouts are organized by power zone and usually overlap into more than one zone. Select a workout and complete the full 10-minute built-in warm up before calibration. When calibration screen comes up, accelerate gradually past target speed (approx. 21 mph) and follow instructions.

  1. From home screen, select solid green rider icon at bottom right. 
  2. Workouts are organized by seven power training zones. Tap to select a category or workouts. 
  3. Workouts can be sorted by Name, Duration, Intensity Factor (IF) or Training Stress Score (TSS). 
  4. Select Warmup to workout. If you'd like to play video, select Video first, then select video from library. 
  5. Ride the complete 10-minute warmup. You'll be automatically moved to the calibration screen.
  6. Accelerate past the target speed (to approximately 21 mph) and follow on screen directions. 


Here are some tips for getting the best calibration results

After selecting and starting a workout you will always be taken to a 10-minute built-in warm prior to calibration. Don't skip this, it's critical for getting the most consistency from your Kinetic Fit app and inRide sensor hardware. Follow the tips here for the best calibration results.

Start with proper roller/tire tension 

For the best conditions for app calibration, the roller should only be tight enough to prevent the tire from slipping. Any tighter than that and it may prevent you from getting a successful calibration with the inRide app. Kinetic fluid resistance comes from shifting gears and going faster, just like riding outside, rather than cranking down the roller tension on the tire. 

What's proper roller/tire tension? 

With the proper tire and tire inflation you shouldn't need to tighten much beyond 2.5 full turns after the tire and roller begin to touch. We suggest tightening and then checking for wheel slippage with a quick tug back and forth on the rear tire. After the initial 2 full turns, try adjusting in 1/4-turn increments if needed. 

Other tips for consistent calibration: 

  1. Use a trainer tire. The softer rubber compound will grip better on the roller and save your road tires for outdoors. Learn more. 
  2. Be sure your tire is inflated to manufacturer spec at the beginning of each ride. It's not uncommon for tires to lose a bit of air pressure after just a day. 
  3. Frequently clean the tire and roller with a rag and some isopropyl alcohol. After the alcohol evaporates you'll have a nice sticky interface. 
  4. Don't skip the 10-minute warmup prior to calibration. The few minutes of spinning ensures that the tire is warmed up and that any air in the fluid chamber has adjusted temperature. 
  5. When calibrating, accelerate gradually past the target speed of 20 mph to about 21 mph. Stop pedaling completely when prompted to do so. There's no need to hold the speed, just get to 21 mph and stop when prompted. The calibration process measures the coast-down time between 19 and 13 mph and makes adjustments based on that number. 

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