Kinetic Fit (iOS): Step 3 - Set up Sharing

Sharing to 3rd Party apps and email

Kinetic Fit gives you several post-workout data sharing options. To access these, you'll need to go to your profile settings and swipe right to the last screen. There you'll find the current options for sharing. We will be adding more as well.

Follow these instructions:

  1. From the home screen, select Rider icon in upper left to access profile 
  2. Swipe right several times for sharing options on the Connections screen.
  3. Select chain link icon to initiate pairing and follow instructions. There are privacy options for Strava and Map My Fitness and Auto-share options for them all so that a workout is automatically shared when you're finished.
  4. Each sharing account has a slightly different log in, just follow directions on screen.


Sharing to Social Media Accounts

Social media sharing is also an option with the Kinetic Fit app. Social media sharing is configured in device settings rather than in user profiles. Before you can share to social media with the Kinetic Fit app, you’ll need to be sure that the social media apps have been installed and activated in device settings.

  1. Go to the settings main menu and scroll down to find Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Be sure accounts are active in device settings. Select account.
  3. In account settings, allow apps to use your account. Exit and open inRide app.
  4. After completing a workout, or in History Overview, select the cloud-arrow icon to share.
  5. Social media icons will now show up along with any other sharing accounts that you’ve set up.

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