Kinetic Fit (iOS): Step 1 - Create Log in (No inRide workout History)

Note: Be sure your inRide sensors has version 2 firmware. 

All new Kinetic Smart Trainers have updated firmware, so if you have a new trainer just get started.

If your inRide sensor works with the inRide app, but not the Kinetic Fit app, launch the inRide app and navigate to the sensors screen with our sensor connected. Check to see if there is a numeric ID in the sensor name. If there is, you'll need to submit your sensor for a free upgrade. See our form and upgrade protocol here.


Do you have inRide app workout history to migrate over to your Kinetic Fit account?

When logging in and creating an account for the first time with the Kinetic Fit app, first determine whether you'd like to migrate inRide workout history. If YES, click here for detailed instructions for migrating workout history from the inRide app to a Kinetic Fit account.


New app users with no inRide workout history can start here

For new Kinetic Fit users with no inRide app accounts, start here and follow these easy steps.

  1. Select Sign Up to create an account. (You'll do this even if you already have an inRide account). 
  2. You may use your email for only one account. Be sure it's the email you want linked before submitting. 
  3. Select Done when finished and you'll go immediately to the home screen.

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