How do I know if I have a version 1 inRide sensor? (iOS)

Kinetic has updated the inRide sensor pod firmware with the introduction of the new Kinetic Fit app and Kinetic Smart Trainers. It’s important that riders using the inRide sensor have the most updated firmware. Kinetic is offering free upgraded version 2 sensors to anyone who has a version 1 sensor pod. Here is how to identify your sensor firmware.*

Checking firmware for iOS:

  1. From the home screen, tap icons or swipe left to open the pairing bar. Pedal once to wake senor pod then stop.
  2. With pairing bar open, select inRide icon
  3. If your paired inRide has numbers in the name it is a version 1 inRide and should be replaced with a version 2.
  4. If your paired inRide does NOT have numbers in the name it is a version 2 inRide and won’t need upgrading.

After verifying that you have a 1.0 inRide Pod please click here and follow the directions for sending us your sensor.

*Version 2.0 sensor firmware has limited compatibility with 3rd-party apps. Currently 2.0 sensors only connect with the following apps: Kinetic Fit, Kinetic inRide, TrainerRoad and Zwift.

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