How do I know if I have a version 1 inRide sensor? (Android)

If you want to use the new Kinetic Fit Android app, it's important that you have the new version 2 inRide sensor. The Android app will not work with the old version 1 sensor. If you are having difficulty detecting the inRide sensor through the app and have already checked to see that the battery is fully charged, then follow these steps to see which sensor you have.*

  1. Open settings from the home screeen and be sure bluetooth is enabled
  2. Give the trainer a spin so the magnet activates the inRide sensor
  3. If the sensor name is “inRide by Wahoo” you have an old v.1 sensor and will need to contact us for a replacement in order to use the Kinetic Fit app.

After verifying that you have a 1.0 inRide Pod please click here and follow the directions for sending us your sensor.

*Version 2.0 sensor firmware has limited compatibility with 3rd-party apps. Currently 2.0 sensors only connect with the following apps: Kinetic Fit, Kinetic inRide, TrainerRoad and Zwift.

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