Do I need a Traxle?

If your bike has a standard quick release like the one shown below, you'll only need to use the skewer we provide with the trainer.

If your mountain or cyclocross bike has a 12mm rear thru axle (below), you'll need a Traxle thru-axle to safely use your bike on a Kinetic trainer.



Remove your rear wheel skewer to identify which type of quick release you have. If you do need a Kinetic Traxle, please refer to our SIZING GUIDE to find your bike model. If it's not listed, print the PDF file attached below and follow the directions. The PDF file MUST be printed at 100% in order to properly measure the length and thread pitch of your thru axle.

All Traxles are 12mm diameter and have varying lengths depending on the thread pitch. Kinetic Traxles are Boost compatible and will fit nearly everything with a thru axle, with the exception of fatbikes depending on rear end spacing and dropout thickness.

NOTE: If using a non-Kinetic trainer, be sure to measure the maximum inner width of your trainer between the cone cup to be certain there is enough space to accommodate the width of the outside width of the Traxle. See the chart below. The coarse Traxle for instance is 205mm wide. Some bike trainers don't open that wide.


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