Slotted cone cup variation explained

Most new (2.0 and 3.0) Kinetic trainers will come with one Standard Cone Cup and one Slotted cone cup installed. The Slotted cone cup should be installed on the non-drive side of the bike. This will be the left side when viewed from behind the trainer (image above). The slotted cup is designed to interface with the quick release side of the skewer that comes with the Kinetic trainer.

There have been some changes made to the Slotted Cone Cup (image above) to address the tighter tolerances in the dropouts of some bikes. Older Kinetic trainers came with the Slotted Cone Cup on the left. The newer Slotted Cone Cup on the right has thinner walls and the skewer does not sit as deep in the cone cup, improving frame clearance and preventing frame contact.

Your Kinetic trainer will include a steel skewer and two cone cups pre-installed on the trainer. Some older trainers came with an extra cone cup for a total of three—two of the Standard Cup (right) and one of the Slotted Cup (left). Current trainers come with the new Slotted Cup (center) and one of the Standard Cup (right) pre-installed and no extra cone cups in the box.

NOTE: We strongly recommend installing the steel skewer on your bike for use on the trainer (See the image at top of page). The cone cups are designed to interface with this skewer, it will provide the most secure fit. It will also prevent damage to your stock skewer. The skewer will work well either with the Standard Cone Cup on both sides or with the Slotted Cone Cup (old or new) on the quick release side (left or non-drive side of the bike) and the Standard Cup on the nut side (right or drive side of the bike).

Cone cup part numbers are:

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