What's the crash replacement policy?

Kinetic trainers come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and the resistance unit to the original owner. However, we understand that accidents can happen involving our products, so we also offer a crash replacement policy for incidents not covered by our lifetime warranty.

Here is how it works: Kinetic will replace any part or parts on your Kinetic Trainer that are damaged due to an accident, regardless of the cause of that accident, and within reason for a $75.00 cost plus the cost of parts and shipping charges. We reserve the right to reject any product that has been so severely damaged that it cannot be rebuilt.

To be eligible, you must complete a warranty registration form. Crash replacement repairs require warranty information and the serial number of your unit. This crash replacement policy and its related charge may be subject to change without notice. To process a claim, fill out a warranty claim form and indicate that it is a crash replacement policy claim. You will hear from a customer service agent within 24 hours. Kinetic will evaluate the claim and you'll be given instructions for returning the product to us. In some cases replacement parts may be shipped to you.

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