My Rock And Roll Trainer squeaks when I move from side to side. What can I do for this?

We've found that the elastomer stacks can develop a bit of squeaking over time and that there's a simple fix.

In 5 easy steps you'll be rolling smoothly and quietly once again:

  1. Remove bike from trainer
  2. Loosen or remove tension bolts so you can get silicone-based spray or drip lube onto the elastomer and frame-contact surfaces
  3. Drip or spray silicone-based lubricant onto the surfaces where the trainer frame and elastomer touch
  4. Lube tension bolt threads
  5. Wipe off any excess lube and reassemble trainer as specified in the manual

TIP: If you partially thread out the tension bolts, you can create a bit of space in the elastomers and the trainer frame, making it easier to get lubricant directly on the contact surfaces.

Warning: We recommend using silicone-based grease. Do not use petroleum-based lubricants on the elastomer stack. Petroleum-based products will break down the polyurethane elastomers. 


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    Greg Smith
    I've added a generous amount of silicone based lube to the indicated surfaces and my rock and roll still squeaks. Would you recommend replacement rubber bushings? They are a few years old.
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