Sometimes my tire rubs on the floor mat when I'm climbing out of the saddle on my Rock And Roll trainer. Can I reduce the sag?

While the Rock And Roll trainer can't be locked out completely from sagging or bouncing while riding (especially with heavier riders), there are a couple of steps you can take to minimize the sag:

  1. Be sure your Rock And Roll is on firm flooring, carpet can worsen sag.
  2. Loosen tension bolt closest to the bike a turn or so
  3. Tighten tension bolt furthest from bike by at least an extra turn, sometimes 2 or more turns are necessary to get the sag under control
  4. Finally, be sure your bike tire is centered on the roller by adjusting the left or right cone cups accordingly, this will help any leaning issues as well.


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    take care, this happened to me the weld on the lower unit had broken and the whole unit folded and back wheel hit floor.
    A crack starting could be the cause of any "sag"

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