My Rock And Roll Feels Like It's Leaning To One Side. What Should I Do?

The Rock And Roll trainer has a tendency to lean to one side when a rider's bicycle is not centered. In order to properly center a bicycle on the trainer and eliminate the leaning, follow these steps:

  1. Remove bicycle from trainer
  2. Adjust threaded cone cup on the quick release side of the trainer to reposition bicycle*
  3. Remount bicycle and center with left adjustment knob on the non-quick release side
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 if necessary to properly center the rear tire on the trainer roller

*The threaded cone cup is adjustable. By turning the cone cup clock-wise the cone cup will thread out; drawing closer to the wheel axle. For shipping purposes this threaded cone cup is turned all the way in – for most 700c wheels the cone cup will need to be turned out (threaded out) about 1”. For a comfortable ride with no lean you may need to adjust and repeat until the tire positioning is perfectly aligned on the roller. Tire centering can also be moved left or right to compensate for any lean that may occur once bicycle is centered. Once the cone cups are set for a bicycle, removal and remounting with the Quick Release Lever (on the right side) is easy.

Use the threaded cone cup on the Quick release side of the trainer to center the rear wheel on the roller.

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