My Smart Trainer won't calibrate

Calibration issues are generally easy to fix. Please follow the check lists and suggestions below. Make sure you're doing everything according to the best practices outlined here:


The Tire Setup:

  1. Trainer tires work best due to increased grip from softer rubber; road tires may work with some setups, but anything belted for flat protection is not a great choice.
  2. For standard road tires, 100 PSI is recommended. For all other tire types, we recommend setting the pressure to the maximum end of the pressure range listed on the sidewall.
  3. Be sure tire and roller are clean - give the tire and roller a quick wipe with a cloth doused in isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner (let them dry and the interface is usually quite nice and sticky)


The Trainer setup:

  1. Reset the roller pressure: loosen the roller tension knob so that the roller is barely touching the tire
  2. Retighten the roller to three full turns of the adjustment knob
  3. Check to see that the roller and tire have no slippage by giving the tire a quick backward to forward pull
  4. If it seems loose or is slipping after the alcohol wipe and retightening, give the adjustment knob another 1/4 turn. This should be plenty of tension though.


The Calibration:

  1. Complete 10-minute Warm up phase.
  2. Slowly accelerate past 20mph until prompted to stop pedaling by the app. The sweet spot for spindown times with a Kinetic Smart trainer or an inRide sensor is 1.5 to 2.0 seconds.
  3. Once app prompts with a "calibration successful" notification, proceed to workout.

These steps should prevent slipping and put you in the correct tension range for successful calibration.

For Smart Control trainer calibration, please read the FAQ at this link

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