How do I import my TrainingPeaks workouts into the Fit app?

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Or follow these instructions:

Do you have custom workouts built in TrainingPeaks? You can export them to the Kinetic Fit app. All you need is a Kinetic Fit SMART subscription, an active TrainingPeaks account with custom workouts and the Kinetic Fit and TrainingPeaks apps installed on your iOS device.


  1. First, download the TrainingPeaks app and log in to your account on the app. Then, open the TrainingPeaks desktop app and select ADD WORKOUT from the Home screen.
  2. Select BIKE
  3. Rename workout and select BUILD WORKOUT.
  4. You'll get a pop-up asking how you would like to measure this workout. KEEP THE DEFAULT METRICS: Duration and % of FTP.
  5. Build your workout, by dragging blocks and adjusting them based on the targets you want. When you are done select SAVE AND CLOSE in the lower right corner of window.
  6. Open the TrainingPeaks app on your device. Your workout will be displayed in the calendar. Select the workout.
  7. With workout selected, swipe up to get to EXPORT WORKOUT and select that button.
  8. Select file type, select MRC.
  9. On the sharing selection bar, select COPY TO KINETIC.
  10. The workout will automatically open in the Fit app, and will be stored in your CUSTOM WORKOUTS section on the app. Open and rename the workout.



All workouts will import to the Fit app with the name "Workout." To change the name, just open the workout in the web site user dashboard under workouts and change the name of the workout there. You can also add inspirational text between intervals in the Kinetic workout creator if desired.

Workouts can only be imported one at a time for now. No bulk imports or imports from your TrainingPeaks workout library are possible at this time.


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