What do the Trainer modes do in the Fit app?

Trainer modes, including ERG, Fluid and Brake are for the Smart Control trainers only. Anyone riding with an inRide sensor or a Smart trainer (these use inRide sensors) need not worry about trainer mode settings.

On a Smart Control trainer your mode will be automatically selected for you depending on what workout you've chosen. For any workouts other than Freeride, you'll always be placed in ERG mode.

For Freeride workouts you'll automatically be in Fluid mode (which we recommend). Within Fluid mode you do however have the option to adjust the grade with the slide below the trainer modes. See images below

If you wish to ride in Brake mode during a Freeride workout, you'll simply use the slider to designate a single level of resistance. This is a bit of a boring ride experience when you can instead either have the dynamics and precision of an ERG workout with any of our programmed workouts or the freedom of a Fluid mode workout within Freeride.

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