Using a Traxle with a Focus Mares R.A.T. system

First, purchase the Traxle Fine T-2100

To use the Traxle: Remove the RAT insert on the drive side (it is held in with a small hex bolt) you can then use our Traxle Fine with your bike. There is a 10mm thick spacer included with the Traxle Fine, that goes on the drive side where that RAT insert was. The Traxle nut tightens against the spacer and you are in business. You can use this setup for riding, although if you do, we advise adding a bit of blue Loctite to the nut. Using loctite is a bit of overkill, but we suggest erring on the side of caution. This does negate the benefit of quick wheel changes, so you may choose to switch back to the stock setup on race day.

Here is a photo of the Traxle Fine installed

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